Some of the works of Jesus...
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He taught them with power and authority. Mt 7:28-29, Mt 13:54, Jn 7:14-15

He healed people. Some of the people He healed were not in His presence. Mt 8:5-6, 13, Mt. 8:14-17

He cast unclean spirits and demons out of people. Mk 1:23-27, Mk 9:17-27

He boldly spoke out against evil or wrong doings? Lk 12:1, Lk 11:38-44, Mk 7:6-13

He prayed for His disciples and His enemies. John 17, Lk 23:34
He empowered His disciples. Lk 10:1, Lk 9:1-2, Mt 10:1

He performed miracles. Mt 8:24-26, Lk 9:10-17, Mk 6:45-50, Jn 2:7-9

He obeyed His Father in Heaven. Jn 5:30, Jn 4:34, Jn 6:38

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