It is very important for us, as children of God, to have an understanding about spiritual gifts and how to use them. Why is this important? God has designed for the work, in His Kingdom, to be fulfilled by His Holy Spirit. One of the ways in which the Holy Spirit accomplishes the will of God is to use His people- us. The Holy Spirit equips us with supernatural abilities. We need this SUPERNATURAL ability to serve/work for God because there is a lot of opposition from God's (our) enemy, Satan. Satan does not want persons to experience eternal, positive change in their lives. This eternal change not only aids them in this world but also ensures that they spend eternity in Heaven. (Eph 4:1-16, I Cor 12)

It is God's (Holy Spirit's) responsibility to let you know what He has assigned you to do. He will speak to you. In order to hear Him, study His Word and build a relationship with Him through prayer and obedience. He speaks to us in may ways. (Mt 13:15-16, Jn 10:27, Jn 14:26)

1) You must be listening to hear. 
2) You must be able to recognize His voice. 
3) You must obey when He speaks.

You can always feel comfortable asking God to show you what He desires for you to do. Prayer shows forth a willing heart and also prepares us to receive what He has to say. Don't become discouraged if He does not respond right away; trust that He has heard your prayer, and He will respond in His proper timing. (Mt 7:7-8, Mt 21:22, Jn 14:13)

IN THE MEANTIME: Everyone has been called to a general sense of work in the Kingdom of God by sharing the Word of God with others, loving one another, and living lives that reflect the Word of God. (Mt 28:18-20, Jn 13:34, Jn 14:23).

Concerning Spiritual Gifts:

Our Gift(s) is from God. (Eph 4:8-16)

It is God doing the work through us, via His Holy Spirit. (Phil 2:13, Heb 2:4, Rm 15:17-19) 

The gift glorifies God and edifies the body (His people). (Mt 9:8, Jn 15:7-8, I Pet 4:11, Jn 17:4, Eph 4:16)

I Meant ...Spiritual Gift
Every born again believer has a spiritual gift (has been equipped by the Holy Spirit) that is supposed to be used to strengthen the body of Christ (the Church) in accomplishing God's will on earth.
Let's not be content to live with pieces and parts. Rather, let's allow the Holy Spirit to work through us so that we may experiece the benefit of being WHOLE.
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